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Breaking News:

September 5, 2014

There have been many changes behind the scenes here at U.R.T.O. to move the organization into the future. Your newly elected officers and Board of Directors have been diligently working to ensure that your best interests are forefront in our new direction.


Our first order of business was to restructure our group to signify our new commitment to our members and our mission statement.  In doing so, we have decided to rename and form a new organization - New York Tavern and Restaurant Organization (NYTRO) - which will be merging with The New York City Hospitality Alliance (The Alliance.)   By doing so, this will enable to give you, our members, more information, support and tools, as well as a strong voice, not only locally, but in the state and Washington as well.


There will be a press conference to announce this merger with The Alliance (Sept 9th.)

Your membership will continue through the transition and the details will be announced next week.  Full details on how it will affect all of us will be forwarded therewith.   The merger will be completed by the New Year.


New York Tavern and Restaurant Organization (NYTRO) will still continue as a separate entity, but as a fraternal organization, raising money for various charities through our usual channels --the golf outing in the spring and our fall gala. These events will benefit the causes that concern all of us both personally and professionally, such as Immigration Reform and relevant charities.


On behalf of  myself, Martin Whelan and all the members of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank all our members for your support throughout the years.


We look forward to rebuilding our organization and trust the union with The Alliance will give us an ever stronger position with our elected officials and will further ensure our industry will be kept viable.


                                                                                                Very truly yours,




                                                                                                Kathleen Reilly-McCrink




UR&TO Background:

The United Restaurant and Tavern Owners of New York, Inc. is an alliance of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, inns, and hotels which all share the prestige - and the headaches - of operating in the entertainment and attraction center of the world.

From its founding, in 1937, by restaurant and tavern owners, who joined together to negotiate labor contracts and to collectively face other interests, the UR&TO has been devoted to the unique concerns of Manhattan's on-premise licensee.

We are a group of entrepreneurs different from our colleagues in the industry. Our patrons are a collection of the world's most influential citizenry, and by the nature and locations of our businesses, we are ambassadors to the people of many nations. We are part of the reason people vacation and convene in New York.

However, as we embark on our seventh decade of service, the economic, legislative and emotional climate surrounding the serving of alcohol is as disenchanting as ever. Some of our colleagues refer to this era as "the new prohibition".

The on-premise licensee must accept expanded liability, government's failure to protect small business, ever-changing rules, resolutions and fines. In addition, our industry is first looked to by the state and federal government when they seek to grow their tax revenues.

The need for the local business owners in our industry to build and strengthen relationships and understanding with our counterparts in government is clear. It is also important to foster alliances in the industry and in changing public perceptions and media stereotypes.

If we feel very much alone facing a less certain future, it is because we are. But it has been in times of fraternity that our industry has experienced strength. And, it is now, more than ever, a time to come together and draw on our collective resources, strengthen our voices and face our challenges together.


2014 United Restaurant & Tavern Owners of New York, INC